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im aloe. im young. im nice. im pink. im funny. im one of a kind. im weird. im imperfect. i mess up a lot. im makulit. im kalog. im hyper when people around me are. im kikay. vain. godfearing. loud. wild. im stupid. really i am. im talkative. im still a baby. haha. im tamad. im a lakwachera. im immature. lol. sometimes. im a crybaby. always.i love GOD. i love myself. i love my family. my dad. mom. sister. i love my friends. my kada. my obediencers.my acceptancers. i love my cellphone. sunsters. txtm8s. i love my sissies. nikei. best nhei. twinee pam. cielo. byankx. sam. yanina. achie hanny. ate schoolm8 trinsy. i love everything i own. clothes. shoes. accesories. make-up. my room. i love SUPERMAN. i love eating/pigging out. caramel sundae of mcdo! yum. japanese food. yummier! =D i love dogs. i have 5. i love movie marathons. just sitting the whole day and watching movies. miss it. i love singing and dancing. even if i suck at it. when you live with me you can catch me doing that a lot of times. lol. last but not the least. i love BATISTA. soo hot.!

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another iPod
apple laptop
playstation 3
wireless internet
a big pink carebear(anyone?!)
a new school bag
a pink roxy bikini(gettin ready for summer! ohyeah.)
a new pair of havaianas
mango adorably
the new hed kandi cd
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Thursday, January 26, 2006

shucks. lss.... i believe that you only get the lss if you can relate to the song. f*ck. meaning my experience can relate to that freakin` song. anyway. first post in 3 days! cool. im soo excited! its our acd tom. were going to La Mesa Eco Park and Nature Reserve weeeeee..! going to hike for 3 hrs. imagine that. lol. no new kwento nman. im just excited for tom. nothing new with someone. still a snob. still bitter. hahaha.. that's what i see lng ah. im not sure. pero its obvious. not na im mayabang or something. ay! funny pla. hehe. we alked to some freshies knina and yesterday. la lng. sobrang funny. pero i can't tell `cause if i do buking(??) kme! haha.. just remembered it. anyway. blog nlng in a gazillion years.. still have to prepare for the hike! =D

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Monday, January 23, 2006

i'd rather go to school then stay at home.(seriously) its soo boring here, at least when you're in school you're with your friends. i woke up at 5 am to wake up my sister `cause my mom's not at home. when i went back to bed, i fell asleep right away. i woke again at around 6:45 am and i forgot to wake up my dad. fortunately he woke up on his own. i fell asleep again. then i woke up na at around 10 am. i took a bath. talked to someone and went online na. tpos wala na. i was infront of the computer na the whole time! as in. i didn't eat pa nag eh. adik! i just realized na i have homework to do pa! lol. ge ge. blog nlng ulit later pag nakatakas pa. signing off.....

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well. im going to blog about what happened last January 21, 2006.(kala mo ang tagal na eh. lol.ΓΌ) well. before that nyt i sent a group txt to all my sunster friends(emphasis on friends please). well, i sent a quote with a goodnight message at the end. i didn't expect anyone to reply `cause it was 12:00 mn. soo i just slept. when i woke up i got 15 messages. almost all saying goodmorning. but one was really special `cause it was from someone. someone is someone i care for. fuck. not really. i just have feelings. anyway. i replied(ofcourse). we talked. not for long though `cause the conversation was really bad. kxe nman ang ayos ayos ng usapan tpos bigla kang magtataray. who won't be pissed right? i just have a question for someone. "bakit ako may effort na wag mging bitter. pero ikaw wala? pgikaw ngkkwento tungkol sa kanya i try not to react and seem unaffected, pero pg ako may ittnong lang magagalit ka na. isn't that unfair?! AND YOU TOLD ME TO MOVE ON. ang labo mo ah" i know you people don't understand, its just that i was soo happy `cause you texted me and it turned out like that. fuck you. who needs you.

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Sunday, January 22, 2006

first post!=)

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